Pretty Gocco-ed Things

spaceball.gifIn honor of my soon-to-be-in-the-mail Gocco, I decided to post the many images of pretty pretty gocco-ed things that I have been collecting.

These invitation sets made by Ugly Kitty and found on the Gocco Flickr group are two examples of why I’m so excited to get mine – printing color on color and printing metallic!


Here’s another reason – printing white!

Image from Heather Jeany’s etsy shop via the Relish Bridal blog

And now, just some darn pretty things people have gocco-ed:

Top row: Carrie.Siegel’s Flickr gallery – the top right is on plexiglass!
Middle row: Weddingbee guest poster
Bottom row: Weddingbee Gocco post by Mrs. Bee

I want it now!!!