Making the Cut

We all have to do it. At some point, after avoiding the task, we sit down and whittle our dream list down to fit the number we can afford to have. It’s dreaded because we don’t want to offend people, or make them feel as if they weren’t important. My suggestion? Be brutal, very brutal.

I didn’t do this. I made the mistake of saying yes to everyone who we thought needed to be invited. Even up to the last week of the wedding. Those last minute invites that were absolutely necessary? They didn’t show up. Not one of them. For example, my co-workers. We work in a relatively small office. I couldn’t invite the co-workers I’m closes too (5 invites). I had to invite everyone (20 invites), because I’m a nice person. So, half of them I had to hunt down for their RSVPs. Some said yes, and then didn’t show up (a few had medical emergencies). The 5 that I really wanted to invite? They showed up, and still make comments about how much they loved the wedding and how happy they are to see my happiness.

My point, only invite those you really care about. The other necessary invites? You’ll find they’re not so necessary after all. You’ll be able to spend more money on the guests you truly love.