Friday Etsy, Jenna Lou Designs

The hubby and I are leaving for Honduras on the 27th. We needed passport wallets, and I thought “Um, Etsy.” I searched and found Jenna Lou. While what she is selling didn’t work, I am in LOVE with what she has posted. The fabrics! The seams! I’m going to have to order a wristlet after our trip!


Jenna says….

I’m a Southern Minnesotan girl who has fallen in love with crafting (well sewing in particular). It is something I have been doing since I was taught as a little girl. Jenna Lou Designs is a one woman project where I do everything from making my original designs, to cutting, to sewing, to constantly having an eye out for the best, most brilliant fabrics and materials. I love color and find that my work is often inspired by the unique new and vintage fabrics I use. High quality materials and workmanship are just as important to me as the creativity put into each design and I know that you will feel that when you own an original Jenna Lou Designs piece.

fiona.jpg mushroom.jpg

She’s also a blogger! You can find her at Enjoy!