Rancho Las Lomas

I’m always jealous of California girls and their weddings.  First of all, the weather is picture-perfect.  Secondly (and speaking of pictures), my favorite photographers in the whole world are based in Southern California.  And lastly, it is just a hotbed of event designers, florists, and amazing wedding venues.

Regarding venues, I have one word to say about Rancho Las Lomas in Newport Beach – GORGEOUS.

All images in this post courtesy of Rancho Las Lomas

Not only will they host your amazing wedding here, but the estate is also home to a zoological garden, where your guests can be led on a private tour of the grounds and be treated to wild animals and a large variety of birds in beautiful manicured habitats.

The wedding facilities are picturesque.  The loft space, pictured above (bottom right) and below, is ideal for indoor events:


And here is a montage of the glorious outdoor spaces available:


I am absolutely in love with the Spanish architecture, which works with both subtle palettes and strong colors!