Lighting: Before and After

When scoping out your budget, don’t forget about one of the most important elements of decor… lighting.  Most event spaces are lit with lovely fluorescent bulbs – not the most flattering for you and very difficult for your photographer to use.  Solve this problem by investing in a lighting designer – trust me, a few less roses and some gorgeous lighting, your guests will never know you cut down on the floral!

To see what I mean, here are some before and after shots courtesy of The Lighting Guy:


The picture at the bottom gives the best illustration – the linens and florals are already on the tables, but just look at the difference after the lighting effects are applied – it transforms the room into something truly magical.

Don’t forget to discuss your lighting options with your photographer – what might look amazing may be very difficult for their work.  Also, make sure that your lighting designer works with your venue to insure the power outlets and allocations are sufficient for their needs.  And be sure you use what you have in the venue – I love how the bottom set of pictures incorporated the chandeliers already present in the space into their lighting scheme. 

Happy planning!