Photographer: CHECK!

Hi all – I have SUCH exciting news to share!  I have signed the contract for my photographer and the choice is…….

Jessica Claire!

You might be a bit confused, as I live in Chicago and the event is in Atlanta.  Yes, the wonderful planner and I searched high and low in Atlanta for photographers.  I’m not ashamed to admit that, at first, I had *absolutely* no idea what I wanted, although I knew that photography was perhaps the most important element of the event to me.  We started searching 20 months before the event, in the hopes that no one I fell in love with would be booked.

We met with some highly talented photographers in Atlanta, including Joel Silverman, Thomas Fahey, and Our Labor of Love, but as great as they all are, they just weren’t me.  {I highly recommend all of them though, they were extremely professional, easy to work with, and the quality is amazing.}  Our search then extended around the country.  Through the amazing Weddingbee, I found Miss Hibiscus’ posts on choosing her photographer (she chose Jessica Claire) and it was all downhill from there!  I knew I had to have her.  And at that point, no one else would do.  The planner and I talked, we shifted some items around in the budget (okay, we blew the budget), and we made it work.

So here we are in California (on our way to Las Vegas for New Years) — and I finally met with Jessica.  She is so sweet and cute, and amazingly nice and fun.  She took us down into Laguna Niguel to shoot a getting to know you session.  And she was everything I was hoping for.  My loving husband even posed for her, and he hates posing!  I simply cannot wait to see the photos!

For now, you all can make do with a few samples from one of my earlier posts:




I’m so happy and had to share it with all of you!


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