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Laguna Beach Getting-To-Know-You Session

Oh I am SO in love with my photographer.  I knew Jessica would be amazing from her blog, so it was no real surprise when the first few pictures she posted of our getting to know you session turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

I’ll treat to you the whole set from her blog!

I love how natural this pic is (especially the coffee, my husband is addicted to coffee):


This one just may be my favorite – the light is perfect and I actually look skinny!


I am IN LOVE with this picture – it’s absolutely the kind of pic I was looking for and it really showcases how Jessica sees potential in things so many people wouldn’t:


The teal wall against the red is stunning – I love color combos like this!


The hubby hated posing like this but I think it’s adorable:


Another one that I love – the lighting is gorgeous.


Would’ve been gorgeous if I didn’t need to lose about 40 pounds before the shoot (but I love the flare lens on the second one)!



I think this is another one of the best – it’s got a little bit of the grainy look to it that I adore:


Loving the textures on the next two:



Hubby did NOT want to lift me but it turned out cute. He does look quite pained, however!


Simply gorgeous:


What do you think?  Do you like?  I’m so excited about them, they are exactly what I wanted!  Here is the permalink to her post – give her some blog love for me!