Chitown Bride’s post today (she found her string trio – yay for her!) has gotten me thinking of musicians.  I know that I want an accoustic guitarist for the ceremony {inspired by Anne’s guitarist at her beautiful wedding – you seriously must have live music, there’s nothing like it}, obviously a DJ or good cover band for the reception, and I’m definitely booking Nicole Chillemi, the jazz singer that my planner recommended for the cocktail hour.  I believe she’s coming with a pianist… But there has to be other things I’m missing, doesn’t there?

Now I’m thinking I might need strings for during dinner – how cool would it be to have a traveling string quartet or trio going around to the tables?  Hmm, or perhaps they should just be background music.  I always hate when I’m in a restaurant and those musicians come to my table.  And otherwise, what music would I have playing during dinner?  It can’t be silent and I’m not sure I love the idea of the DJ just playing in the background.

Is a guitarist enough for the ceremony?  Should I also have a pianist?  My music will be modern, so the gorgeous harpist I found in Atlanta probably will not be needed.  But a cool Coldplay-style pianist would really make beautiful music with a guitarist.

Am I missing anything else?  What other musicians might I need?  And do you prefer band or DJ for the reception?  Or both?  I’ve heard of couples doing a band only for earlier in the evening and then having a DJ take over for late night reveling.  I sway back and forth on this decision from minute to minute.

What musicians are you booking?