The Story of Us

Anne thought it would be fun to give everyone a little bit of background into EAD and how we started. So here is our story…

Rebekah Anne and Ami Elizabeth met 15 years ago and have been best friends from the start. They bonded over a shared quirky style. :) Unfortunately, Rebekah moved across the country for high school and since then they have been apart. But through the amazing invention we call the Internet, they talk more now than they did when they lived in the same city (you just have to love AIM).

Ami is a scrapbooker – sort of fell into it by accident via making a memory book for her college friends. It inspired the old creative side of her, not seen since her figure skating and dancing days. Scrapbooking grew into cardmaking, which morphed into invitation design and all sorts of other types of crafting. She never thought she would actually own a sewing machine and now does, but to this day has only used it on paper!

Rebekah became engaged to her wonderful hubby in September of 2006, so there was a wedding to plan! If she wasn’t crafty before (she was, she just hadn’t channeled the energy yet) she had to become crafty quickly to pull off her beautiful wedding with her very realistic budget! Together, they designed, and Ami made, the Save the Dates, invitations, programs, and favors.

One day, during the wedding planning process, Rebekah’s husband (who is a graphic designer and designed our *amazing* logo) had a crazy idea – Ami and Rebekah should do this (i.e. – design invitations) “for real”. But there was the little problem of a name for the new business. And “Ami Rebekah Designs” or “Rebekah Ami Designs” just didn’t work. So after much thought and searching and going through various iterations of other names, inspiration struck – their middle names are Elizabeth and Anne – why not Elizabeth Anne Designs?

Although they’re not yet doing this “for real”, mostly because Ami decided to plan her “wedding” that she never had, this blog is their little first step. They very much hope that you are enjoying it and will soon be offering their services “for real”, they hope. Eventually.