For the Comfort of Guests…

You’ve expended an incredible amount of effort on the impeccable decor, the perfect venue, and the lush floral arrangements.  But have you thought about your guests?  They love you.  They’ve driven and flown, paid for hotel rooms, purchased new dresses and shoes, rented a tux, and taken vacation from work to be at your beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, all-about-you wedding.  So what can you do to make them feel like a million dollars and reward them for their efforts?  Pamper them (it doesn’t have to be expensive)!

Your female guests in heels will have very tired feet as they are dancing the night away at the reception, so provide them with some dancing shoes!

Image courtesy of Weddingbee

At your outdoor summer reception, guests will be warm waiting for your grand entrance.  Combine your programs with fans to give some relief from the sunshine.

Image courtesy of Bliss Wedding Markets

Out of town guests are making special efforts and staying in hotels, paying for each meal.  Leave them an OOT guest basket at check-in with practical items such as bottled water and room snacks (don’t forget granola bars or instant oatmeal for breakfast!), as well as a little slice of the city. 

Image courtesy of Kate Parker Weddings

Runs in their hose?  Deoderant stain on their LBD?  Paper cut or blister?  Keep a small toiletry basket in each restroom at your reception so your guest with the boo-boo doesn’t have to be in misery all night (or heaven forbid look bad in your photos!).

Image courtesy of Melissa and Sean

And I know all about the three-course dinner and scrumptous wedding cake you offered, but at midnight when the guests are leaving they are hungry!  Do as this bride did and offer donuts and milk as your guests are heading out for the night.

You won’t believe how much your guests will appreciate your kind and thoughtful gestures – you’ll be the high water mark for all of the weddings to come!