Chocolates and Champagne

I don’t know where all the inspiration board craziness is coming from because it’s usually very difficult for me to create a board. But I suppose I just have the bug and I’ll roll with it.

I’m not a brown fan, so I set out to find something that incorporated browns but was also a palette that I personally would use.  I think I succeeded with this champagne and chocolate combo.  Incorporating a bit of gold and the slightest hint of olive green into the mix sealed the deal!

Top row: Artfool, Weddingbee, Artfool
Middle row: Weddingbee, With This Ring blog, knottie djrs
Bottom row: Sarah Kaye, Desire to Inspire, Ceci New York

I think the key element in making this color combination work is the lighting – loads of lanterns, candles, and a darker feel make this work and not feel forced or overdone.  I love the idea of this color scheme in a winery or an old chateau.