Orange and Marigold: Details

I’m simply loving our first color week combo – it’s sunny and refreshing!  My favorite parts of weddings are the little things – and with orange and marigold, the colors are so stunning and overwhelming that it’s *all* about how to use them artfully and gracefully in the details.

Images all courtesy of Martha Stewart (car found via Snippet & Ink)

The classic car is absolutely lovely – and is my ideal example of how to transform what may at first blush appear to be a brash color palette into something elegant and subtle.  I love how invigorating the crossword puzzle picture is – it honestly wakes me up and makes me think of pancakes.  And how easy is the punch of color with the marigold napkin?  And the orange favor box is so unique because it’s close to a blood orange color, very different than what people invision when they think of orange.

Image via Stoneblossom Floral (thanks to Jessica for alerting us to this fabulous site!)

This wreath is the perfect detail for your chapel doors or the tree marking the way to your ceremony!  What I love the most is that the marigold color is present but *so* subtle – I liken this to the ‘Just Married’ car in its ability to convey theme without going over the top.

Try to look past the purple in this picture and just take a look at the intricate way that orange is interwoven into the tablescape – my favorite detail of this entire post?  The orange book underneath the centerpiece!

Image via Artfool

Last but not least, some quick knot searching produced this to-die-for chair decoration (you all know that I love floral on chairs!), unbelievably simple and beautiful ring bearer “pillow”, and oh-so-cute packaged favors.

Images all via the Knot

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to incorporate orange and marigold into your event – I for one am inspired to create more color week goodness!