Orange and Marigold: Food!

My favorite thing about this color week’s choice?  The food!  Seriously, it’s almost *too* easy to carry this theme through by using your food as decor.  Sounds crazy but it works.  Here’s proof!

Top row: Artfool, the Knot, Martha Stewart
Middle row: Ariella Chezar, the Knot
Bottom row: MS, MS, the Knot

I left out most of the pictures of oranges and lemons because, well, it’s obvious, but I had to put in the fruity bar.  And how fun is Martha?  I swear she can make everything from wine gelee to tomato centerpieces look amazing. 

My favorite pic that I found is this martini – it’s just the perfect detail to end a great color week.

Image via Artfool

What did you think?  Did you like the color week concept?  Should we keep going with it?  Let us know!