Blue: Maids

In our second color week, we are featuring blue.  As I said before, we are concentrating on blue tones only, not gorgeous blue-greens such as aqua and turquoise, or blue-reds such as royal blue or periwinkle.  I’m sure there will be more on those other amazing colors in a future color week!

To kick things off, we’re starting with your ladies and their apparel. 

Image via Thread Design

As you can see from these real wedding photos from the Knot, blue is very versatile and can be used in a variety of settings and with a variety of florals.  I especially love the blue on blue sashes of the top left and the so-light-blue-it’s-almost-white color of the bottom right dresses.  Most of these showcase blue in its lighter, airier format.

Images via the Knot

Nordstrom gives us examples of darker blue hues.  A few short months ago I would’ve said that electric blue was straight out of the 1980s and not to be used, but lately there are so many options popping up that make electric blue elegant that I would actually recommend using it!  Such pop!  We also have some gorgeous gowns popping up in a true blue hue (top left) and a deep midnight navy (bottom row, 3rd from left) – so classic.  What’s best about all of these is that your bridesmaids will truly be able to wear these gowns again!

Images via Nordstrom

And let’s not forget your littlest attendants!  I am simply in love with the below options from Thread ad spreads.  Simple white dresses with blue sashes make your flower girls feel like mini-brides.  And my favorite of all is the adorable blue dress on the toddler with the tiny bouquet.  SO cute!

Images via Thread Design

I think the bride that chooses blue is classic with a twist.  Practical but bright and adventurous.  Preppy but soft and feminine.  I think I’m in love!