My planner broached a very difficult question to me last weekend: who do I want to officiate the ceremony?  The answer: I have NO idea.

My husband and I are not religious people, so I do not want an officiant affiliated with any specific religion or church.  A justice of the peace seems so cold and impersonal.  And, even though it might *sound* fun, I really don’t want to ask one of our friends to do it.  I think someone with experience is best.  So, essentially, I like none of my options.  Can I actually have no officiant?

What do you think I should do?  Some things to note: 1) it does not have to be legal, as we are already married,  2) we will definitely be having all non-religious, non-classical music at our ceremony,  3) the ceremony will be very short and sweet, probably a couple of readings from friends, a “do you still, do you still”, and a yay it’s over.