Sacrifices for Beauty

So, I have approximately 11 months before THE BIG DAY.  Some people might think that’s an eternity, but I think that is no time at all.  Especially since I have already been planning for 7 months.  Anyway, a big item on the to-do list is beauty.  So today, I trekked out in the *freezing* cold to the dentist. 

I have silver fillings on two of my bottom teeth from when I was a child and you can see them when I smile.  So my dentist had graciously agreed to replace them with tooth-colored fillings.  Now, I hate the dentist.  Really can’t stand it.  She’s nice and all, it isn’t her.  It’s just the act of the dentist.  But here I am, willingly in the chair waiting for the drill.  Only planning my vow renewal could make me this crazy. 

What sacrifices are you making in the name of beauty for your wedding?