I just love these pictures I have found for displaying food elegantly.  Some aren’t quite what I’m envisioning, but others are really close to what I see as being the perfect food and/or drink displays.

I particularly enjoy the top left of this set:

Clockwise from top left: Alfreshco, Balcab, Marquee Hire, Bristol Farms

I can absolutely see this gorgeous table set with risers of desserts or appetizers.  It’s by far my favorite display table, although I’m not a huge fan of the scattered floral on the skirt – the sheer is pretty enough to stand on its own.

Via Tic Tock Floral

And the requisite Martha displays:


I believe I’ve used this image before, in our orange color week, but this bar from Ariella Chezar is one of my favorite food/drink display pictures ever.


As you can see, I’m drawn to the more elaborate set-ups.  One thing that I’ve consistently noticed is that the linens on most of these tables are either really plain or really unattractive (or just plain awful, as in the silver from picture set #1).  Am I the only one that notices linens on the bar or buffets?  Why is it that people only pay attention to linens on their seating?

Do you have any pictures or links to share of gorgeous buffets or bars?  I’d love to see!