The Checkmarks

The salon called today – my gown is in!  Yippee!  Sorry, no sharing until after the vow renewal, but I had to share my giddiness with all of you.  :)  I can’t wait to put it on again to see if it feels as amazing as it did the first time.

Also, I am *thisclose* to picking a florist and a caterer.  That leaves very few vendor decisions left – only decor and musicians, really.  Then the true fun begins – all the small stuff!  I already have so many posts stored up for after the event to share with you – I’ll give in-depth instructions for each and every DIY project, comprehensive vendor reviews, timelines, recommendations, and even the list of things I’d do differently (which hopefully is incredibly tiny, as I’m completely disregarding [intlink id=”664″]rule #8[/intlink]).

Yay for more checkmarks (or almost checkmarks)!