You’re Engaged… Now What?

We’re in a list mood this week at EAD. Anne posted on the [intlink id=”664″]10 rules for brides[/intlink] yesterday(although I still maintain that #8 does not apply to me), but those centered upon you gals that had already planned your wedding or were heavily into the process. What about the newbies out there (welcome!)?

You’re engaged…. Now what?

  • Jump up and down and scream! Tell all your family and friends but refrain from the immediate “will you be in the wedding” during the initial celebration. You don’t even have a venue yet!
  • Discuss basics with your betrothed (and only your betrothed). Budget, potential contributors, size of wedding, style of wedding, location.
  • Discuss basics with any potential contributors and with both sets of parents. I firmly believe that if, in step 2, you determined that you and your future spouse will be paying for the wedding, you should not discuss budget with anyone else, other than your planner or coordinator. You also have a great deal more flexibility in voicing your opinion with regard to the other basics than you would if you were receiving funds from any other source.

  • Choose a date that works within your schedules and leaves enough time for planning.
  • Based on the budget, decide if you are hiring a full-on planner or only a coordinator. Notice we leave no room for slippage here, based on Anne’s rule #11.
  • Read blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. Since you are here, you are obviously on the right track! Blogs will give you links to event designers, floral designers, decor companies, etc, where you can garner more information and inspiration. {Ed. note: I prefer blogs over magazines. Magazines are great, in my opinion, for gown hunting. Once you have a gown, which 50% of the magazine pages are devoted to, there are about 10 articles in that $5 that may apply to you. And most of those can be found online already.}
  • Tour potential venues in your location. Look at them all and see which one you fall in love with. Your venue dictates almost every decision after this, so choose wisely. Read our post on [intlink id=”404″]questions you should ask your venue[/intlink] before you have your walk-through.
  • After deciding on said venue, you can choose your bridal party, your gown, and your color scheme. Now the fun really begins!

If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! If you’ve been through the process before (or do this for a living!), please add your feedback and insight. :)