And the Winners Are…

I just signed and faxed out three big contracts and wanted to share with all of you!

  • Floral: I am so pleased to have chosen Little Sparrow Floral.  Thanks to Our Labor of Love for their recommendation!  The moment that clinched it was when I told her I was looking for a specific shade of blush – not pink, not brown, and not cream, but a mixture.  And she brought me a Sahara rose in the absolute perfect shade.  At that point, I knew I was in love.  Anyone that understands color that well is going to be a friend during this process. 
  • Catering: I cannot say enough about how professional and wonderful both caterers that were in the running are.  Dennis Dean has impeccable presentation and very reasonable pricing.  Bold American = simply amazing quality and a great attention to detail.  It truly was a tough decision but in the end we decided to go with Bold American.  They are affiliated with the Fifth Group Restaurants company, therefore making my next decision relatively easy….
  • Brunch: [intlink id=”479″]South City Kitchen[/intlink].  Love love love the space.  And it’s within easy walking distance of the hotels we will be booking and of my venue.  Plus, it works with the decor that I have planned.  :)

Atlanta vendors have all been amazing to work with.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I have the cream of the crop planners working with me in Eventologie.  Kim and Julie are fantastic.  I absolutely don’t know how I would plan a long-distance wedding without a planner.  Knowing the city and the vendors is priceless. 

I’m so excited to have chosen these vendors – the planning process is really coming together nicely.  Only a little over 10 months to go now!