Gray: Reader Boards #5 & #6

April at the ever-fantastic Blu Sky Designs just sent me over two gorgeous gray boards – better a little late than never I always say, so without further adieu:


April’s first board utilizes a color that I’ve been enamored with lately, cobalt blue.  Cobalt is so strong that a little goes a long way and she smartly stayed true to the less is more adage with this stunning board.  What’s so amazing is that even though there are only half of the 14 pictures with blue and all with gray, the eyes are still drawn to the blue first. 

Her next beautiful board plays off of my absolute favorite color, purple! 

Boards sourced here

Both boards are so strong and modern.  I think this has to do with the white that is interwoven throughout – it really grounds the boards and makes them feel fresh, clean, and new.  Yet, while the cobalt feels more luxe, the plum has a sleek and girlish quality to it that jumps out at me as evidenced by the small use of ribbon.

Great job April and thanks for sharing your inspiration with all of us!