DIY Colors: New Orleans

From our stats, the DIY Graphics page was a big hit. I thought I would play off that, and show you what I do from start to finish. The posts will be spread out over the next few days. I hope you enjoy!

First, I find something that inspires me. It can be a picture, or a fabric. Anything that catches my eye. We’ll start with an image that I love from a New Orleans courtyard.


What I love about this picture are the muted soft colors. I can also clearly remember taking the picture. The feel of the French Quarter, hushed and waiting. It was only 3 months after Hurricane Katrina, but ended up being my favorite trip to New Orleans.

After finding inspiration, I digitize the object and import it into Photoshop. I start with cropping out the colors I don’t want (the huge wall to the left overpowers all of the colors to the right). I start color picking and see what pops out. Here’s what I was able to pick:


Is that Gray I see?! I picked the bench expecting brown, and look what popped up. I was also surprised to see such a muted orange. It’s the exact shade a November bride picked for her wine and tangerine wedding. Overall, I’m very pleased. The colors are exactly what I hoped for. I could go anywhere with this (E’s Hot Pink and Gray board would go well with this).

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what colors I chose, and how I’ll use them.