EAD: A Tour

It’s that time of year!  We have a ton of new brides-to-be starting to scout for inspiration, and if you made it here, THANK YOU, we’re SO excited to have you!  Please comment so that we can get to know you and visit your site if you have one!

We thought we’d give a quick tour of the site to make your stay here a bit more enjoyable.  :)

First thing’s first, since we’re sure you’re starting to scout out vendors, check out our list of [intlink id=”404″]essential questions for venues[/intlink] and our [intlink id=”667″]general timeline[/intlink].  Also, give yourself a quick reality check by reading our [intlink id=”664″]10 (11, really) rules[/intlink] for every bride.

Next, choosing your colors!  Our color palette section has loads of inspiration boards for you.  Are you a [intlink id=”10″]pool blue and red[/intlink] girl?  Perhaps having a rustic fall wedding?  Sophisticated whites and [intlink id=”427″]shades of pale[/intlink] strike your fancy?  We also have lots of orange, blue, and gray for you in our archives.  Or shoot us an email with a color scheme you’d like to see and we’ll see what we can do.  :)

You’ll be wanting to get your save the dates out 6-8 months before your wedding (longer if it’s a destination event).  We have [intlink id=”289″]unique ideas on how to save the date[/intlink] as well as an example of our [intlink id=”211″]own couture work[/intlink]!  Your save the dates are the first glimpse your guests receive into your wedding so make them count.  Our stationery category is full of invitation inspiration just for you!

If you want to DIY start early!  Visit our archive for fun projects (both simple and not-so-much) like [intlink id=”595″]designing your own graphics[/intlink] and making [intlink id=”757″]custom-shaped crayons[/intlink].

Once you get to the point of planning the details, we’ve got fun ideas for [intlink id=”785″]favors[/intlink], [intlink id=”548″]escort[/intlink] [intlink id=”561″]cards[/intlink], and even [intlink id=”611″]food displays[/intlink]!  And our floral and decor section is the place to hit for bouquets, centerpieces, and just plain gorgeous blooms!

Visit our Blog Love page for links to other brides-to-be, fantastic photographers, and inspirational event design blogs.  Go ahead – tell ’em we sent ya!

We love hearing from new friends and are so glad you found our little corner of the world!