Altmix Photography

Today we’re lucky to be featuring the fantastic Kate of Altmix Photography! Kate and her husband Matt are new to the wedding world and to Atlanta, but as you can see by their fantastic photos – they truly have talent! I love the use of light and shade in Bonnie and David’s engagement session, shot in Highlands, NC.


We recently had the chance to sit down (and by sit down, I naturally mean chat over email) with Kate and hear what she had to say, from a professional photographer’s perspective, about lots of topics!

EAD: As a professional photographer, do you have any tips for brides when choosing floral and décor?

Kate: When choosing décor, the most important thing to keep in mind is…YOU! This is your chance to infuse the details of your day with your own unique style. One of our brides is replacing all of her flowers with twigs and herbs like lavender and rosemary. It is totally ‘her’ and her guests will no doubt love that about her wedding. Every photo we take will be brimming with her personality; think about what this looks like for you!

EAD: Do you have any “must-have” shots?

Kate: Matt and I consider ourselves photojournalists, meaning our passion is capturing the ‘story’ of your day with true emotion and striking detail. This being said, we are happy to refer to a list of “must-have” shots that the couple has created; we do recommend keeping the list short to keep the smiles sparkling!

EAD: What should the bride and groom clue you in on before the event so that you can prepare?

Kate: The most important thing for a photographer to know before your wedding is you – your personality, your style, your desires. ‘Clicking’ with your photographer is so important as he/she sticks very close to you on the big day. Take time to meet face to face with your photographers and get a clear idea of who they are and exactly what they do; this will create trust and eliminate worries during your event! Technically speaking, it is also very important that your photographer knows any restrictions your venue has on photography, as well as any special moments to capture that the photographer is not already expecting.

EAD: What questions should every bride and groom ask potential photographers during their vendor search?

Kate: Make sure the person you are meeting with is actually the same person that will be photographing on your big day; you want to develop a relationship with your photographer, not his salesman. Look for someone sincerely interested in you and in capturing your special day. A photographer who gives you their complete attention at the meeting will most likely do the same on your wedding day!

EAD: Give us your thoughts on the “trash the dress” phenomenon.

Kate: I do love the new ‘trash the dress’ phenomenon! It’s perfect for adventurous brides who are excited to play around and take chances. I’ve seen plenty of shoots with just the bride, but it’s a really nice touch to have the groom on hand to make stud-ly appearances and have fun with his girl! Matt and I have yet to shoot a ‘trash the dress,’ but we’re anxious to find an awesome couple and make a day of it! Anyone interested?

Thanks Kate for taking the time to answer our questions and for sending these fabulous photos!  I’ll leave all of you with my *favorite* image from this shoot!



PS – Look for a special post on Altmix’s blog today!