Daffodil & Pewter

Anne and I recently received this email from a reader:

Hello, my name is Anna. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I absolutely love it! I am an artist (painter) so I’m obsessed with color and combinations thereof. I also just got engaged, and we have only settled on one thing- the colors :) I have been searching desperately for some inspiration with this combo: daffodil and pewter. I obviously love your current ‘color’ week being combinations of colors with gray, and was hoping you could feature my idea? Martha Stewart recently featured a marigold/pewter combo, but I need more! Please help!

I adore shades of yellow and gray together but there are several ways to go with this palette.  After finding some pictures in our archive, I decided to build two boards for Anna, so that she could choose which she prefers based on her personal style.  First up, a very vintage chic board that blends the pewter and daffodil with shades of cream and brown.

Clockwise from top left: Artfool, Impressionen, Artfool, On Decorum, the Paris Apartment, the Knot, Ariella Chezar

Next, completely in the other direction, a modern board with geometric lines, some bling, and loads of silver, gold, and white blended with the main colors.

Top row: Impressionen, Desire to Inspire, ibiblio

Middle row: Apiary Design, Amsale via Perfect Bound, BSL Home

Bottom row: Impressionen, Altmix Photography

Anna, I hope that this helps you choose the direction of your event!  Let us know what you decide.  :)