Little Miss Planner

I recently came across a fun blog, Little Miss Planner, created by a recent bride who had some wonderful DIY projects that she’s letting us share with all of you today.  The best thing about these?  They are all elegant and simple, yet cost very little to make and are not difficult to undertake.  If this sounds like your kind of DIY, read on!

Loving the DIY newsletter for the out of town bags (made using only MS Word)!

Instructions and more pictures here

DIY fan programs – relatively self-explanatory but I appreciate the time that she took to round all of the corners and center things quite well.

Instructions here

Beautiful shawls to keep out the chill:

Instructions here

Very pretty stardream round menus to sit in her chargers (along with a great tip of using aerosol hairspray to set the ink):

Instructions here

Check out her blog and wedding bio for additional DIY fun.  Thanks LMP for allowing us to share your projects!