Black & White Art Deco

Anne and I promised a board and some ideas for each of our commenters on the EAD services post. We’re going to go in order of wedding date, and our first one is Julie, who commented:

Oooh! Free inspiration consultation! Exactly what I need as everything is coming together in the months before the wedding.
Black & White
Hotel – modern/art deco style
Memorial Day weekend

So Julie, here’s our vision for your wedding! 

Top row: Thread, Silver Collection, Absolutely Beautiful Things
Middle row: The Green Vase, Polly Wreford via Sarah Kaye, Leigh Miller via Enjoy
Bottom row: Paperwhites Press, Liz Banfield via The Bride’s Cafe, Gertie_DU on Flickr

We went with a much lighter take on the black and white – mostly white with only splashes of sophisticated black.  I love the idea of white feathers (as in the napkin rings), architectural details on all of the invitations, and naturally, LOTS of bling! 

Some quick ideas for this theme:

* Hire a jazz singer and pianist for the cocktail hour or to play during dinner
* Incorporate feathers into your bouquet!
   Image via White Lilac
* Pretty small lamps with vintage shades would be great to use in your centerpieces.
* For favors, how about handkerchiefs, or perhaps a DVD of your favorite 1930s movie?
* Be sure to play some classic 1930s tunes at the reception – some Ella Fitzgerald perhaps, and lots of big band.

We hope this helps Julie!  You’ll have to send us pictures of what we’re sure will be a gorgeous event!

E. & A.