I Love Progress!

I have to confess – I’ve been in a planning rut.  FOR MY OWN EVENT!  It seems that I can blog all day long and give anyone else ideas, but have had a complete block lately when it comes to myself.  So I’m *very* happy to report that today was an actual day of progress!

  • A musician I want is available.  I love his song list.  He’ll learn the few other songs I need.  AND, the planner says he’s just the sweetest guy!
  • The wonderful, fabulous, amazing {fill in adjective describing perfect here} Laura Hooper is going to be working her calligraphy magic on my stationery and I can’t wait.  Love. Her. 
  • I’ve decided on the packaging for my favors and I finally found the right kind of paint for a project.

I really feel like things are finally taking shape.  It might sound like December is a long way away, but with so many (admittedly self-imposed) projects still to go I’m feeling a bit stressed. 

I know you all know what I’m going through.  What progress have you made on your own events recently?


PS – I try to avoid non-wedding chatter here, but how great was American Idol tonight?  It doesn’t hurt that ’80s music rocks my world.  One of the guys even sang a song that will play a major role in my event (nope, not telling which)!