What I’m up to….

At the end of January, Liene posted on a book called Thinkertoys.  She was so emphatic about buying it that I immediately added to my Amazon wishlist (I’m a firm believer in listening to people who have achieved success and are still willing to share advice).  It arrived yesterday, and even though I’ve barely gotten through the introduction and part of the first exercise, it has helped!  Thanks Liene for passing this on!

I’m still avoiding my Google Reader, and am not starting to categorize by “Daily Must Reads”, “Weekly Must Reads” and “Reads when I have an hour or two to kill.”  I’m at 432 unread items and counting…..

I just discovered a new blog via a comment on Style Me Pretty.  Go check out Cara at Peonies and Polaroids.

March is our busiest month at work.  We’re working on a ton of abstracts and preparing for a meeting in Boston.  Just counting down the days until we’re done….