A fun new one has come across.  This time I’ve been tagged by Emily and for once you all don’t have to hear boring facts about me, you get to see FUN things I love about weddings!  Before I get started, I’ll apply my tag to… one of my new favorite bloggers, Anna at Southern Fancy!

The Rules:

  • List your top three new favorite wedding ideas
  • Link back to the post of the person who tagged you – this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow
  • Tag a new person and share the rules. 

And now for the goods:

1. Couture Invitations – I may be partial because stationery will always be my first love but W.O.W. what amazing things there are out there now!  I love that people are going all out with their save the dates and invitations because as I’ve said before and I’m sure will say many many times again, they truly do set the tone for your event.

Andrea Yung via The Bride’s Cafe

2. Modern/Eclectic music - in the spirit of offbeat week, I must say that this is one of my favorite things that people are doing non-traditionally.  I heart the use of popular music used in the ceremony instead of (or in addition to!) a harpist or pianist.  I also love the use of musicians that embrace the bride and groom’s heritage or tastes, such as bagpipers for the processional or a jazz singer during cocktails.

Jazz singer Sophie Milman via the University of Toronto

3. Colored shoes – this is probably my favorite thing.  I absolutely love brides that incorporate a punch of their chosen color scheme into their shoes! 

Image courtesy of Michelle Waite Photography

So that’s my three.  I love this tag game and I can’t wait to see what Anna comes up with!