Tattoos: Hide or Flaunt

I have this friend who tattooed the state of Alabama on his arm, with a star over the location of Birmingham. Silly, yes. Unique, definitely. Ugly, actually no. Art is in the eye of the beholder and in weddings that applies directly to the tattoo debate. To hide or to flaunt, that is the question.

This picture, from Rebecca Peters Photography should quiet the debate.


Yow-za. First, she’s flaunting the tats. Second, she’s wearing a birdcage veil with feathers. Could this be any hotter?

Flickr search “tattoo bride” and you come up with thousands of pictures. All showcasing the beautiful, unusual, tattooed bride.


Flickr Credits: Tracie Taylor Photography, Michelle Peery, embrace life, tp82742, kim’s photography, jenniapple.

Bottom line, I’m a big fan of flaunting the tattoos. It’s art! If you’ve invested the time, money and emotions into getting one, why not show it off? If you don’t, cover it up well. Even with makeup, the shadow can be easily seen!

Oh and ladies, bonus points if you can guess who has tattoos, Elizabeth or Anne.