Rock Star Receptions


We all know the good receptions. There’s usually an open bar, great music, all your friends or family are there and lots of pretty people. No matter the location, cost or number of people. Throwing a good party is important to most brides.

So how, in this age of everything being DONE does the slightly offbeat bride have a great reception? Especially if she really doesn’t want a DJ.

Two words: Rock Band.



The hubby and I went to pretty much the best birthday party ever a few weeks ago. My old roommate turned 38 (not really, more like 32) but he still acts like he’s 18. The living room was set up with Rock Band. They used a projector so the “screen” was an entire wall. I immediately thought how cool it would be to have this at a non-traditional reception. If the standard set list isn’t enough for you, they have additional packages that can be purchased.

If you can’t do Rock Band, why not hire a real rock band? This same couple had a rock star engagement party. Complete with a hot dog eating contest and a concert from our favorite local band. My point, if you REALLY like music like I do, go for it. Don’t be boxed in by the standard reception.