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Bridget’s French-Inspired Event

Reader Bridget writes in:

My fiance and I are planning a bistro French wedding for late summer ’08. I’ve made an inspiration board and many of the details have already fallen into place. For example, the STDs, dresses and suit shown in the .pdf are actually ours. Our color palette is blue French lavender, kraft paper brown, wine/burgundy, and slate. Unfortunately, I’m having an incredibly difficult time figuring out what to do for invitations. I like having a theme to give focus to the day, but I don’t want it to veer into theme park. So these are the two questions I have for you and the EAD readers: First, do any invitations spring to mind upon viewing my board? I’d love any advice you might have. And second, what’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to deciding when a theme has gone too far? There is a fine line between cohesive and tacky, right? How do you decide?

Here is the board she’s prepared (which I am madly in love with)!


I’ll be back this afternoon with a post of ideas for Bridget and my personal opinion on the “theme” question – but in the meantime, I want all of you to chime in with opinions!  Chop-chop.  :)