Pamela’s Beach Wedding

Pamela wrote us asking for inspiration for her Charleston beach wedding.

Please help! My wedding is going to be on an island near Charleston, SC in October. My colors will be celery green and periwinkle blue. I’m trying to capture the feel of the outdoors – the ocean and greenery. I would like to have brightly colored flowers in any colors. I hope you can help me create some inspiration out of these elements!

The color scheme is so soothing. Normally the beach inspires bright poppy summer colors against the bright bright blue of the ocean and sky. But to me, this speaks more of the beach. The quiet time when everyone is normally inside recovering from a sun hangover, thinking about where and what they want to eat (Crabby Bill’s vs. PJ’s Oyster Bar).


The late afternoon light when the sun is low in the sky produces the exact shades Pamela has picked.

I think the beauty I see in this wedding is the emphasis that can be placed on natural materials.

(Susan Stripling, Kathy Wright, Millie Holloman, Flickr )

For the invitations, I would pick an invite of ivory background and soft accents of blue and green. I would also wrap the invite package in twine and tie a small beaded flower onto it. You could also incorporate the garland with whatever design element you love: butterflies, fireflies, floral, seashell, etc.


(Etsy user Black Star Beads)

I would also go with natural materials on the tables (even burlap would work) and use silver very sparingly. You could also incorporate the cute can centerpieces that we’re all in love with…


(The Bride’s Cafe via Peonies and Polaroids)

It would be incredibly easy to print your own vintage labels that match your color scheme (if anyone likes this idea, let me know and I’ll create for you. Pamela gets first dibs!).

Pamela, I hope you enjoy!