Helloooo Readers!

Long time no write!  I’ve been obnoxiously busy with work and trying to organize life for a week long business trip that starts tomorrow.  It’s been hectic, to say the least.

To add to the crazy days and nights, my father in law called late last week with a catering emergency.  He works in the restaurant business, and a close friend needed servers for a wedding.  Her normal staff was unavailable.  We were happy to help.  I was interested in seeing what happened behind the scenes at a wedding.

We spent two hours setting up and then tearing it down at the end of the night.  We threw away bags upon bags of trash.  We met a fantastic photographer and her second shooter.  We underestimated a DJ with a horrible sign.  We served a lot of alcohol.

One thing I learned, I wouldn’t recommend flipping a space for ceremony and reception unless you have a HIGHLY organized coordinator and caterer.

Oh, and hire a caterer who is smart enough to emergency rent a heater for the abnormally cold weather and who knows what people to kick into high gear when linens are missing.