Incorporating Children

We received a very interesting reader question today.  J & Fiance are marrying in September.  F has three siblings, J has none.  Because Fiance’s siblings are older, J & F decided to ask friends only to be in their wedding party.  But unfortunately now, F’s family is feeling a little bit left out.

The three siblings have children that can be incorporated into the event.  But obviously it’s an “include one, include them all” scenario.

Brother 1: Girl 6 and Boy 8
Brother 2: Girl 3, Girl 5, and Boy 8
Sister: Boy 6

What can J and F do to incorporate F’s family?  It seems that the two 8 year old boys are a bit big to be ring bearers and the 3-year old is bordering too young to be a flower girl.  Should they choose roles for the two brothers and sister instead of the children?  J is already incorporating one reader from her side.

Ideas from our loyal readers?  I’ll put some thought into it and post my ideas in the morning!