Pink, Blue, and Champagne

Katie has a bit of a color dilemma:

I’m trying to figure out the theme or focus the color scheme of the wedding. When I think of my wedding, the words I use to describe it are: elegant, laid back, vintage, and romance. I’ve had to make some color decisions and style decisions that were not my number one choice. I just don’t know if it will all be cohesive – girls in navy, boys in tan, me in ivory, w/ pale pinks and yellows.

Katie, everything that you’ve sent pairs very well together!  I think the key is in *how* you incorporate the blues.  Blue is such a strong color so you really only need pops of it in your event.

All images sent by Katie except for blue champagne (the Knot), tan suit (Sarasota Tuxedo), and invitation (Birchcraft)

A subtle but effective way to weave the dark blue into your event would be to use it on your printed materials.  Navy is such an elegant ink color, as seen below, and is less harsh than black, so it would really bring through the softness of your color palette!

Image courtesy of Laura Hooper Calligraphy

I would have your groomsmen wear solid pink ties with their tan suits – it’s such a fun and elegant color combination and will look wonderful next to the females in their navy blue and pink bouquets.  And since your fiance is wearing a navy suit, you can do pink for his tie as well – but it would be amazing if you could bring in some gold to his version!

Charles Tyrwhitt tie via Feefo

I hope this helps you solidify your vision a little bit – I can’t wait to see pictures from your gorgeous event!