Little Rays of Sunshine

So, back to J’s question from yesterday.  I noodled over this quite a bit, and came up with the following suggestion for how I would incorporate the children into her ceremony.

Have the 5-year old and 6-year old girls be flower girls and the 6-year old boy be a ring bearer.  These are the easiest jobs and they are the most appropriate ages for them!  In my opinion, the 3-year old is a bit too young for the role.  Walking up the aisle is probably not a problem but I’m sure standing during the ceremony will be.  So either ask the parents if they would mind if she did not process or have the two older girls hold each hand as she walks up and hand her off to her parents at the end of the aisle. 

For the two 8-year old boys…  Let your groomsmen be groomsmen and have the 8-year olds usher the women of the families to their seats.  Or, I know that J is having her ceremony in a church.  I’m no expert, but I think every church I’ve seen has entry way doors that can be closed after the bridesmaids have processed but before the bride appears.  Why not have them do the honor of opening the doors for the big reveal.  It’s a big job, but an easy one, and the 8-year olds would probably much rather do that than be ring bearers.

J – I hope this helps and that our readers will continue to throw out suggestions for you!