Timwill Photography

A few months ago, through Jenna at That Bride, I found the blog of the fabulous Tim Willoughby at Timwill Photography.  And I’ve been absolutely blown away by his images ever since.

Friday, he posted what is quite probably the most gorgeous bridal session that I have ever seen and he was kind enough to let me share it with all of you!  The bride is Kathryn and the shoot took place in Atlanta.


I think that I’m so drawn to these images because of a) the gorgeous lighting, b) the amazing setting, and c) how unbelievable it is that you can literally *feel* her gown, the grass, the breeze, and the shadows in these photos.  I’m always amazed at the tactile quality of Tim’s photography but this is simply unreal.


Kathryn is absolutely stunning – and so is her gown.  The folds of the fabric are spectacular.


I love the contrast between the open field and this beautiful vintage home setting.


Last but not least, my favorite image of the shoot.


Kathryn, if you make your way over here, you are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to see your wedding photos. 

If you want {more more more!} the rest of the images from the shoot can be found here.

Tim, thank you so much for allowing us to feature your work!