Susan’s NC Wedding

Susan wrote to ask our advice on using silver in a fall wedding. She says,

I am having a wedding at a historic inn in North Carolina in November and I’m struggling with my color palette. I know I want standard fall colors (deep reds and oranges) and I thought I was set there. The room has stairs covered in red rug around the down into the main area of the room with black and white big checkered tiles. My centerpieces are going to be in family pieces of silver (teapots, vases, water pitchers etc) and I am struggling to pull together inspiration pics that include these fall colors with silver and not gold. I’m also thinking of adding some green accents in the centerpieces but want to avoid any Christmas-y feeling. Basically I need help honing in on something specific! I believe I’m going for “easy fall classic elegance.”

Our answer?  Absolutely use the silver!  E and I love fall weddings with a little twist, and the silver adds that.  Personally, I would warm it up with a little caramel and vanilla tones.  Use all the color you can stand for depth and warmth.  I would avoid green as much as possible.

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Susan, I hope this helps!  If you are a very visual person, go to your local florist and buy blooms in the colors you’d like to use.  Arrange them in a vase on your desk and stare at them for a bit.  You’ll learn what you love through practice.  Plus, you get flowers out of the deal!


(Side note, I am loving Polyvore!  Thanks to Creature Comforts for sharing this fabulous website!)