Colored Shoes?

When I first started my wedding planning, and I began to look around at all the different blogs and websites for inspiration, one of the details that I starting seeing was the brides who wore fun, brightly colored shoes.  It was a small detail that I immediately fell in love with – I didn’t even question whether or not it was appropriate, what other people would think, or if my Mom would think I was crazy (which she kind of did)!  I loved the fun spirit of it, and I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing the standard ivory shoes on my wedding day.  I wanted color!!

At first I wasn’t sure what color I was really after.  Did I want to go with a blue for my “something blue”?  That would be cute.  Or did I want to go with a hot red color??  Ultimately, if I could have had my pick of any color, I decided that I would choose orange.  Not only is it one of my favorite colors, I’m using it in my wedding in the flowers and other details.  But, I also knew that the color would probably be dictated by the actual shoe I found, and what colors it was available in.  Being 5’8″, and only a few inches shorter than my fiancée (and really longing for comfort on my wedding day!), I knew I wasn’t after those gorgeous heels that the other girls were pining  after.  I was after flats.  Or really really low heels.  That are dressy.  Which, as it turns out, are harder to find than you may think.

As I was going through and trying to make decisions on different things like budget, catering, a DJ, I started to realize that not all of these decisions were “fun” to make (duh!).  Catering, for example, is important.  But when it comes down to selecting a caterer, coming up with a menu, and allotting a huge part of your budget to that one area, it is not one of the most “fun” decisions you’ll make.  It’s not like your dress, your jewelry, or your cake – all of which are pretty and bring a sense of pleasure when you pick them out.  Shoes are one of those fun decisions for me, so while I’ve been budget wrestling and thinking of things like our guest list, I’ve been cheering myself up by looking for my shoes on the side.  And this week, I found them.



They are more orange than in the photos (they are iridescent), they are dressy, and they are FLATS!! They are pretty much exactly what I would have designed myself if I could have. And while I found them on Piperlime first, I bought them on for $30 less!! This was most definitely one of the most fun and satisfying “decisions” I’ve gotten to make so far! And it turns out my Mom thinks they’re pretty cute after all!

What are some of the most fun decisions or projects you’ve made while planning your wedding?? Was it finding your dress? Or is it something you’ve made?

Happy Friday everyone!