Incorporating Music

I love the idea of incorporating song lyrics into your event.

{Ceci New York}

A few ways to make your evening musical:

1) Include a song lyric on your invitation set, as seen on many Ceci New York materials.  It could be your first dance song, “your song”, or any lyric that embodies the spirit of you as a couple.

2) Have custom cocktail napkins printed with different song lyrics.  It would be a great conversation piece for your guests to figure out which song it’s from while they’re awaiting your grand reception entrance!

3) Place the lyrics to your ceremony music in your program, as you would the words to your readings.  Song lyrics get overlooked sometimes, but are so meaningful and can often take the place of a poem.

4) Carry a theme out through your music.  For example, if you are using birds in your decor/printed materials, weave songs into your play list such as “Come Fly With Me” and “Songbird”

5) Create song request cards using the lyrics of songs you have on your playlist.  Here is an example of one that I’m using (shhh, don’t tell my guests!) with the title of a Blues Brothers song we will be playing.  I’ve got a few of these up my sleeve.  :)

I’m sure you guys can think of more – share your ideas with us!