Southern Menu #3

{Image Credit: My Recipes}

Grits. They are a staple at every breakfast joint in the South. So how do you make them wedding (or party) worthy? Create a grits bar! We highly recommend this for a mid-morning wedding.

Start with the main entree of grits (plain, baked or spicy) and give them plenty of options for toppings: Gourmet Cheeses (Cheddar is a must!), Meats (Spicy Shrimp, Andouille, Chicken, Bacon), Vegetables (Green Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Sweet Corn), Peppers (Bell, Jalepeno, Green Chile) and Herbs and Salts (Rosemary, yum!).

{Image Credit: Discovery Health}

Additions could include summer vegetables and fruit. Piles of steamed zucchini and summer squash, Prosciutto wrapped melons, and a great summer salad filled with fruit and nuts.

{Image Credit: My Recipes}

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, serve a cold fruit soup.



{A friend went to a wedding recently that had grits with a few toppings. They also served a shrimp cheesecake. She said it was surprisingly good.}