Jessica Claire Does It Again!

You may remember my giddiness at [intlink id=”376″ type=”post”]*these fabulous photos*[/intlink] that Jessica Claire snapped of us in California in December.  Well, she’s done it again!  She happened to be passing through Chicago on Sunday night so we had the opportunity to steal some of her time to take a walk through one of Chicago’s most fabulous neighborhoods, Bucktown, with our most-adorable-puppy-in-the-world, Charlie.

And now, the photos!  Isn’t Charlie the most adorable puppy ever?  You can tell he knows it.  :)

As Jess said on her blog, yes, Charlie does tricks!  If we say “Go Braves!” he gives us a high 5.  But the best part is, if we say “Go Cubs!” he just sits there and looks at us.  I *so* wish i could teach him to shake his head no.  :)

I absolutely love this one.  Charlie looks so adorable and the texture is fabulous.

Bucktown had some great nooks and crannies to shoot in – I love all of the doorways Jess had scouted out.  Here are a few!

Jessica always seems to find the best light - this next photo is my favorite!  Check out our reflections in the window!

Another fabulous one inside this tiny little restaurant we ducked into.  I love this one too – it’s cute.  :)

More cute Charlie!

Some great black and whites (although I can’t wait to see the second one in color because I bet it’s fabulous that way too).

More great textures on the next two!

And last but not least, some super-fantastic light.

Jessica, thank you thank you thank you for taking time out of your short Chicago trip to spend with us!  I absolutely love these – you are amazing as usual!

What do you guys think?