Okay, so not literally, but today’s post is carrying on a week of weddingregionalism posts and I pulled together an inspiration board for an Oregon wedding that uses all things Oregon. Every photo in the board relates to either Oregon or unique services or designs available in the state. Just a bit of inspiration to show you that it can be done. Why don’t you try with you city of choice? Help your local artisans and also employ some weddingregionalism by choosing themes that match your region of choice.

Before pulling this board together, I was thinking of something special that Oregon has to offer. Berries! A great climate for growing Marionberries, blueberries, and anything else essentially berry, I thought I’d loosely design a wedding around this delicious fruit without going over the top Violet Beauregarde of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (when she inflates into a blueberry after chewing that special gum).

berry wedding inspiration board
Top row: Leanimal dress, Polly’s Cakes, Blush Bridal Consultation Group, Oregon Marionberries
Second row: Ink & Peat flower arrangement, Lark Press wedding invitation
Third Row: Blueberries and Marionberries, Leanimal dress, Twigs & Honey bridal hair piece
Fourth row: Blush Bridal Consultation Group, Ecotrust building

Are there local resources or products you’ve used as inspiration for your event?