Wheat Field Inspiration

Wrapping up a week in weddingregionalism posts, I was trying to think of something romantic, carefree, and unique to post about.  Don’t ask me why, but I thought of a wheat field and a wedding centered around this theme.  I think I’ve always pictured wheat fields to be very romantic, with wide open expanses and ocean-like movements with the breeze.  Wouldn’t it be picturesque?  Here’s what I came up with:

wheat field wedding inspiration board
Top row: Wheat field and barn photo, Polly’s Cakes, Brides
Second row: Center piece photo from uptowngirl, Wheat and lavender bouquet, Short yellow dress
Bottom row: Lemonade photo and recipe, Wedding dress by Carolina Herrera, Sandals, Lavender and wheat boutonniere from twigs & honey

I’m imagining a bride living somewhere in a bread basket state that is a free spirit, but not wanting to overdo the farm theme. Just light and airy design elements with a good balance between structured and relaxed.