Choosing a Cake

Okay, so I know I’m going a little out of order, but I wanted to get your advice on something I’m trying to choose right now – the cake design! 

I’ve met with a baker who I really like, is very reasonable, and who did a cake for a friend’s wedding (which was really very yummy!).  So now I just need to kind of narrow down my choices of design and choose one so I can get a more accurate quote and we can go ahead and book her.  Who knew that choosing a cake would be so difficult?!?  I certainly didn’t anticipate it being such a difficult decision.  But I’m telling you, it’s the small decisions that drive you nuts!  I know it’s not as big of a deal as choosing your dress, and I’m not planning on using it as high art, but I would still like it to be pretty nonetheless.  So will you, dear EAD readers, help me out?

While the colors shown will not necessarily be what we would use, we have narrowed it down to the following options:

I really like the texture on this cake.  Maybe a little less of the flowers though.

This cake is beautiful in its simplicity – classic but modern.

I like the colors of this cake, and a square design is a little unusual.

This scrollwork in fondant on this cake is really beautiful and elegant.  I think it would tie into the scrollwork on our invitations and monogram well, and the baker said we could do the background in buttercream icing (which tastes better!).  Maybe I’d add a flower or two on top?

I think this cake may be one of my top favorites.  I love the bow with the brooch detail, and the flowers on top.  Maybe I could use some of the “texture” from the first cake on a couple of the layers? 

*(all cakes from, the Knot, and Bludoor Photography)

The baker has told us that if we don’t do a groom’s cake, which is still undecided, we will need 4 tiers.  We will be using an antique stand similar to the one above, but not quite as big.   Our baker is very talented and would be able to pull of any of these cakes, so what do you think??  Have you chosen your cake yet?  Was it easy to decide upon, or did you find you struggled with your decision as well?