Branding Your Wedding: Taste

Ah, the tastes of a wedding. Sure, your guests are there to see you lovebirds pledge your undying love and devotion to each other. But what they’re most excited about? The food!

For example, I went to a very very simple wedding last month. The best part (besides the BEAMING bride, seriously, she was brighter than the sun.) was the wedding cake. The icing was the perfect mix of lightness and sweet. Definitely worth hanging out for even though we knew three other people there. I would put it above mine in taste.*

So what kind of food do you pick for a classic wedding? I’m thinking something like miniature crab cakes, sweet chili buffalo wings and belgian endive and goat cheese canapes for hors d’oeuvres. For the soup and salad courses, I’d choose a great baby spinach salad and tomato and basil soup.

beef tenderloin wedding

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Entrees would be a delicious herb and mint crusted beef tenderloin, eggplant parmesan or buttermilk fried chicken. Sides would include grilled vegetables and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Each table would have its own small wedding cake. Easy to cut and serve. The bride and groom can cut their own small cake at a head table.

mini wedding cake

{Image Source: Pacific Weddings}

The dessert bar menu would all be miniatures! I am loving that trend right now, having had an obsession with anything miniature for most of my life.

soup shooter wedding

{Image Source: Cuisine Etc.}

I’m seeing chilled raspberry soup shooters, mini strawberry pies, stacks of shortbread cookies, tiny blueberry cheesecakes, and servings of french silk pie, All classic American tastes.

Thanks to Alexa for posting about the Epicurious Wedding Guide. Now we can all be foodies at our weddings!

Wishing I had the mashed potatoes in front of me now…


*Our cake was very tasty, thanks to my mom! I was all “Um, white on white, please?!” My mom nixed that and added some flavors that worked well. She insisted, and I’ve learned (not the first time) that she was oh so right.