Paula Deen

My mom’s a huge fan of Paula Deen and passed on this newsletter about planning the perfect bridal shower. You could also adapt for any type of party, but the timeline she gives for planning is fantastic. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning a party!

Y’all, bridal showers have been around since before the 20th century. Since we are now in the 21st century, that’s a really long time! The practice was started for women whose family couldn’t afford a dowry. However, in some instances a bridal shower was held for the bride when the father of the bride didn’t approve of the marriage. My how times have changed!

Today, there are as many different types of bridal showers as there are brides. There are so many you can’t count them all! I could probably go on and on just about bridal shower themes alone, but I won’t! Y’all should know that bridal showers today aren’t just for the bride. The groom is getting in on it. Co-ed, His & Hers, Jack & Jill, Bride & Groom, however you want to name it, showers where both men and women are invited have become ever more popular! Here’s my list of some of my favorite shower themes for the wonderful occasion!