The Photography

As I share our ideas and inspiration, I’m going to share the final images so you can see how it all turned out! So I want to introduce our photographers since we’re starting to get to the good stuff – all of their images.

wedding toast
These are some of my favorite images Lynn captured. This was a great moment out in the park with our entire bridal party. Love that shot of our best man & maid of honor!

We were so lucky to have Lynn Walker from Special Effects Photography as our photographer. Lynn and my mother actually met in college and became best friends. I have known Lynn my entire life, she and her daughters are like family to me. And lucky us, Lynn happened to open a photography studio in 1989. It was so wonderful to have a photographer that knew us, knew our personalities and our styles. Lynn is also fabulous at taking charge and getting things done (a necessary character to have by your side on your wedding day.) Her daughter actually grabbed a second camera and while Lynn was shooting our ‘posed’ wedding pictures, her daughter was capturing candid shots, details and some unexpected moments. We are so happy with everything Lynn did, its exactly what we had hoped for.

Lynn lives in Wyoming but has travelled all over the country to shoot weddings. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and I highly recommend her to everyone!

ceremony pictures
This is a group of shots Joe took at the ceremony.

A few weeks before the wedding one of our co-workers mentioned that he was starting a photography business in Kansas City and wondered if he could shoot at the wedding to add to his portfolio. We figured the more the merrier and invited him to come to the ceremony and reception. At the end of the night I realized I never posed once for Joe – and rarely even saw him. His images were fabulous. He did a great job of finding small details and funny moments (like when my cousin pulled the fire alarm) and throughout all of his images I was really impressed with the way captured the light. All of his images look exactly the way it felt to us. If you’re in the Kansas City area and looking for a photographer you can email him at joseph.xiong at gmail dot com.

To keep the two apart – so you can tell which images came from which photographer, I’ve put a ‘sep’ in the corner of Lynn’s and a ‘jx’ on Joe’s for the rest of my posts.